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Our CT is the Aquilion 64, manufactured by Toshiba. Engineered specifically for multislice scanning, the Aquilion 64 features the unique Quantum detector that provides up to 64 x 0.5mm isotropic slices. The Aquilion 64 features a 32mm wide detector, which increases anatomical coverage per rotation and an efficient detector design, which delivers high quality images. For the physician, sixty-four-slice technology dramatically improves the diagnostic efficacy of CT examinations. By simultaneously acquiring 64 x 0.5mm data slices during a single rotation, the contrast dose to the patient can be decreased while the image accuracy can be increased. High resolution, sixtyfour- slice CT technology offers diagnostic advantages such as clearer anatomical visualization, metal artifact reduction, non-invasive alternative to angiography, and three dimensional reconstruction of vascular and solid organ systems. For the patient, the Aquilion 64 provides a more comfortable patient experience. The high-speed scanning and accurate results ultimately offer your patients shorter exam times, single breath-hold scanning, faster exams, reduced x-ray exposure, and less contrast exposure.
Our MRI is the Vantage. The Vantage has an ultra short bore length and a large opening that allows the patient a sense of spaciousness. The Vantage uses a patented ultra- quiet technology, which reduces noise by as much as 90% compared to other MRI systems. The Vantage provides physicians and radiologists with the highest resolution images for use in diagnosis and patient evaluation
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